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• Graphic Design
• Brand & Identity Development
• Desktop Publishing
• Print Management
• Signage
• Photography


• Web Development
• Multimedia Development
• Database Solutions
• Online Survey Development
• Ecommerce Solutions
• USB/CD/DV Editing & Production
• Managed Hosting Services
• eMail Campaign Management
• Wordpress integration


• Marketing Strategy
• Internet Strategy
• IT Consulting
• Advertising Concept
• Content Sourcing
• Campaign Design


• Event Brand Development
• Event Website Development
• Fully Managed Event Websites
• Event Collaterals
• Email Campaigns
• Print Management
• USB / CD Duplication
• Searchable papers and proceedings
   (USB/CD/Online - database system)
• Abstract submission and review system
• Award submission and judging system
• Online Survey Development


• Online Document Repository


Tactical Designs has been developing exceptional value for our clients by
building new media designs, custom-built applications, graphic design services
and communication consulting services to both the public and private sectors.

With our professional inhouse team of experienced designers, software
programmers, innovative marketing and communications team and partnered
business consultants, Tactical Designs collaborates with you to deliver
integrated creative communication solutions that deliver innovative results.

We constantly strive towards originality and strength in our design and
conceptual processes while maintaining fundamental design principles. The
clarity and simplicity culminates in communications that are clear, sensible
and congruent to your marketing objectives.

Tactical Designs Pty Ltd

ABN Number: 49 086 701 144
Hours of operation: 9:00am - 5:00pm AEST MON-FRI
After Hours please email info@tacticaldesigns.com.au

Melbourne Australia
PO Box 6469 Point Cook
Victoria, Australia 30308

Tel: 1300 998 114 Local call anywhere in Australia
Direct: 03 9395 0809
Mobile: 0425713843

Email: info@tacticaldesigns.com.au

Meetings Industry Services
Call: 1300 998 114 Local call anywhere in Australia
Email: gak@tacticaldesigns.com.au

Call: 1300 998 114 Local call anywhere in Australia
Email: info@docuserve.com.au

Papers and Abstract Submission System
Call: 1300 998 114 Local call anywhere in Australia
Email: info@abstracts.com.au

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